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Bird eyes 011

Bird Eyes profile 011Bird eyes 011: Top quality crystal or topaz eyes with a black pupil. Crystal eyes are used for self-painting. Topaz eyes are self coloured and require no further painting. Paint if required with oil or acrylic, clean the eye in acetone and ar drying before painting. Ideal for Stick making and Decoy carving.

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Eye code: 145Mammal eyes Blanks 140 & 140S, 145 & 145S

Range of eyes for self-painting
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Doll Eyes profile 450M

Eye code: 150Mammal eyes Blanks 150 & 150S

Range of eyes for self-painting
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Fish Eyes 210

Eye blanks profileFISH eyes 210 and 210H: A transparent crystal eye with elliptical black pupil on wire, suitable for self-painting

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Fish Eye Blanks

FISH Eye Blanks: Crystal fish eyes available totally clear or with a fired black enamel pupil. These are popular eyes for fish models, carvings and taxidermy. This eye is designed for self-painting.

Eye blanks profile155 and 155S: very flat profile

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Eye blanks profile155HK and 155HKS: slightly oval in shape with a directional look

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Eye blanks profile155NF and 155NFS: aspheric profile with clearly defined shape set into the eye

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HT15 Brass calliper
Our Brass calliper is a manufactured to a high standard and offers a high level of accuracy. This versatile precision measuring instrument is capable of measuring in both metric and imperial. Graduations are shown clearly on the brass slider. The callipers can be used for both internal and external dimensions. This makes the calliper ideal for use in eye sizing and setting.

HT15 -
Price: £ 6.95




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